Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I need your help: and I'm willing to bribe you with this!

I hope everyone's enjoying summer (if that's the season where you live.) Last weekend, I zipped up to Virginia and grabbed my minions and brought them down to Florida with me for the summer. They've decided it's not just summer here. It's like summer in Hell. Another level of heat. Hehe. I told them get used to it. I like the heat so I'm good. And plus... beach day later! So that makes it bearable.
I've had some people checking on me (thank you!) so I'll tell you I'm still on writing hiatus and I probably will be for the rest of the summer. If you missed that bit of news, you probably aren't on my newsletter list. You should be. It's where I tell all my secrets :) Anyway, I am dealing with some serious burn out and I've gone on break from writing until further notice. I need time to work on other projects and not work 12-14 hours days to do them AND write my next book. So that's the major news. More on that to come. 
Basically, though, I'm feeling better already but there is so much stress and pressure built up that I don't want to rush back to the work and then fall right back into this space. Plus, there are a lot of other projects I'm still working on right now.
This is my latest AND I could really use your help! 


Richard Shanary isn’t the best student. In fact, when it comes to English, he’s struggling for that “C” average his karate scholarship requires. 

On a stormy night in the bowels of the library, a freak lightning strike sends a jolt of electricity—and magic—into the hard line of the old desktop computer. Richard is injected with enough voltage to fry eggs—not to mention download the entire contents of the web dictionary he’s currently scrolling. Every word from A to Z is seared into his brain forever. 

By the time he wakes, Richard has gained the superhuman ability of instant recall on any definition in the English language, and even a few in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. Richard Shanary has become the Human Dictionary. A superhero bound to uphold the laws of society and grammar with his immense martial arts abilities and his power of instantly recalling the definition of the last word someone speaks to him. Not a single slang term or crooked criminal is safe. 

But Human Dictionary isn’t the only one with a gift. 

A scientist turned T Rex. A mapmaker with route recall better than any GPS. And an evil villain with an affinity for spandex intent on destroying them all and ruling the city herself. But she’ll have to take it from the meanest slang-slinging gang this city’s underbelly has ever seen. 

**What we need is a hero. Or three. And so, a new era of superheroes begins…** 

OMG isn't this the cutest book idea??? And totally perfect for book/grammar nerds??

I had the privilege of working on this story for over a year now, bringing it to life along with the most talented illustrator I've ever worked with. This story is fun and entertaining for my 10 year old son, but also, my mom read it alone and laughed out loud like I did, so adults will love it too. 

I don't normally read middle grade, but this book is special and hilarious and so fun and deserves to be read! This awesome book is out today and it deserves all the love.

So here's the deal:

When you share about The References, you get entered to win a signed paperback by ME!

Contest ends 7/21 so do it now!

And thanks for helping me out -- and shamelessly accepting my bribe :)

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    If 'freedom lies in being bold' (Robert Frost), doesn't pushing-the-envelope also result in the Elysian Fields of Utopia? And if I'm the sower, we plant the Seed; if I'm an artist, we RITE the symphonies heard Upstairs ☆IF☆ we accept His lead withe orchestra...

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    Go gitt'm, girly. You're incredible. You're indelible. Cya Upstairs. I won't be joining'm in the nasty Abyss where Isis prowls
    God blessa youse
    -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL

  2. This finite existence is only a test, son," God Almighty told me in my coma. "Far beyond thy earthly tempest you'll find tangible, corpulent eloquence". Lemme tella youse without d'New Joisey accent.freelancingcear


  3. thank you for the reply to this blog comment !
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  4. This book looks super cute. I'll go check it out!